Learn AutoCAD: Free Course for Architects, Engineers, and Beginners


This versatile and widely used software allows professionals from various disciplines such as architects, engineers, and designers to create and modify technical drawings in two or three dimensions.

If you want to acquire basic knowledge in AutoCAD and dare to create your own drawings, don’t miss this opportunity.

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In this introductory course, created by Irving Lopez Hernandez, you can embark on an exciting learning journey.

No previous experience in AutoCAD is required as you will be able to use the 2014 English version of the software to follow the lessons.

The course focuses on the fundamental aspects of AutoCAD, without unnecessary fillers or superfluous information.

The best part is that this course provides you with the opportunity to acquire a general understanding of the program, enabling you to start and carry out your own drawing projects.

You will discover that learning AutoCAD is much simpler than you could imagine, and you will be ready to put your skills into practice immediately.


This course is ideal for engineers, architects, electricians, technical drawing students, and anyone who wants to learn technical drawing in AutoCAD.

Whether you are a beginner or already have experience in the program, the lessons will adapt to your level of knowledge.

The course content is structured into 5 sections, consisting of a total of 33 classes with a duration of 1 hour and 52 minutes.

Some of the key topics you will cover in this free course include the program’s interface, proper use of Object Snap, Polar Tracking, and Osnap Tracking, text creation, layers, dimensions, and blocks.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire skills in AutoCAD, an essential tool in the field of design.

Sign up for this free course right now and discover how easy and exciting it can be to learn AutoCAD.


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