Learn Cybersecurity for Free! Creators of Kali Linux Launch a Course on Twitch


Kali Linux, based on Debian, is widely recognized for its hundreds of tools designed for conducting penetration testing, forensic analysis, ethical hacking, and more.

This open-source distribution is regularly updated, providing new features and tools to address the changing challenges of cybersecurity.

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Aware of the growing importance of cybersecurity in the business environment, the creators of Kali Linux have launched a free live course aimed at professionals and cybersecurity enthusiasts.

The course focuses on providing practical skills and essential knowledge to protect computer systems and networks against malicious attacks.

The course program centers around the highly-valued Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification in the cybersecurity industry.

To achieve this goal, they offer live streaming sessions of the “Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (PEN-200/PWK)” course twice a week through the Twitch streaming platform.


Each 60-minute session will provide a valuable opportunity for students to learn and practice using the integrated tools in Kali Linux to identify vulnerabilities and assess the security of computer systems.

Although the full version of the course offers additional benefits for enrolled students, the live streams will be completely free for anyone interested in improving their cybersecurity skills.

The Offensive Security initiative, called “OffSec Live,” reflects their commitment to expanding access to high-quality cybersecurity education.

They aim to leverage the popularity and ease of Twitch as a platform to reach a wider audience and provide valuable knowledge in cybersecurity.

If you want to join this exciting learning experience, do not hesitate to access the Twitch channel through the provided link and start your journey towards a career in cybersecurity with Kali Linux and Offensive Security.


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