Learn German for free! Discover the online course that will teach you 200 essential verbs


In the current globalized world, learning new languages has become a valuable tool for expanding cultural and professional horizons.

Among the most relevant and sought-after languages, German stands out for its rich cultural heritage, its presence in the business world, and its complex grammatical structure. If you have ever dreamed of impressing your friends by speaking German, now you have the perfect opportunity to do so!

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Memrise, the platform, has launched an exciting free online course that will allow you to learn 200 fundamental verbs in German.

German, as an official or co-official language in six European countries and with over 100 million native speakers worldwide, positions itself as a key language in various areas.

From international trade to science and technology, as well as in art and culture, mastering German provides significant advantages. Moreover, in the European Union, German is the second most spoken language after English and stands out as one of the most used on the Internet.

That’s why international companies are seeking professionals who can communicate in this language to expand their horizons in competitive and dynamic job markets.


For those interested in starting their journey towards mastering German, Memrise has created a free online course focused on teaching 200 fundamental verbs.

The main goal of this course is to provide students with the necessary tools to use verbs in oral and written communication situations.

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With 14 lessons containing 15 verbs each, students will have access to various resources such as videos and mnemonic cards that stimulate different senses to facilitate learning.

Whether you are a beginner or considering studying at a German university, this course will provide you with the foundations to communicate effectively in German from day one.

Ready for the challenge? Don’t miss the opportunity to enroll in this exciting course and start your journey towards mastering German!


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