Learn how to repair electronic devices with the Carlos Slim Foundation course


Electronics plays a fundamental role in various industries, such as telecommunications, computing, and medicine.

Therefore, it is crucial to have the proper training to access job opportunities and stay updated in a constantly evolving technological environment.

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The “Electronics Technician” course offered by the renowned Carlos Slim Foundation consists of 4 levels and will provide you with the necessary knowledge to design, repair, and enhance electronic devices.

Through interactive lessons, infographics, and explanatory videos, you will learn in a practical and effective manner.


Training in electronics will not only provide you with employment opportunities but also foster your creativity and innovation in the technological field. Additionally, you will acquire valuable skills for maintaining and repairing electronic equipment in your home.

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Upon completing the course, you will receive a recognized certificate that will support your skills and enhance your job prospects.

Don’t wait any longer! Access the electronics technician course and prepare yourself for success in a constantly growing industry.

Trust the Carlos Slim Foundation, your reliable source of knowledge and opportunities in the world of electronics.


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