Learn makeup from scratch with this Free Course from the Carlos Slim Foundation


Makeup is a powerful form of expression and self-affirmation. It goes beyond enhancing natural beauty; it also has the ability to transform, shape the image we want to project to the world, and ultimately boost our self-esteem.

It is because of this significance that the Carlos Slim Foundation has announced the opportunity to delve into the world of makeup and beauty consulting.

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Their course not only provides a comprehensive overview of this field but also makes it accessible to everyone, free of charge.

This initiative aims to equip interested individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to become renowned professional makeup artists and beauty advisors.

The Beauty Advisor course offered by the Carlos Slim Foundation covers a wide range of essential topics to understand and master the world of makeup and beauty consulting.


Some of the aspects explored include:

  1. Preparation and Organization: You will learn how to set up and maintain your workspace efficiently.
  2. Facial Knowledge: In-depth exploration of identifying different face types, skin structures, and eye features.
  3. Advanced Techniques: The course covers advanced makeup techniques, including concealer application, foundation selection and application, as well as the use of brushes and eye-lining techniques.
  4. Character Makeup: In addition to traditional makeup, the course covers more specialized aspects, such as character makeup and aging effects.
  5. Basics of Hairstyling: Basic knowledge of hairstyling is provided, complementing the skills of beauty advisors.

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Just like the more than 200 courses available on Capacítate para el Empleo, this program is entirely free. All interested individuals need to do is register on the platform to access this valuable training.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate to validate your learning. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to access a job board, facilitating your entry into the beauty industry.

If you are ready to take the step towards a career in the world of makeup and beauty consulting, do not hesitate to enroll in the course:


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