Learn Mathematics with Just One Click: Discover free courses on edX


Mathematics is now accessible to everyone thanks to free online courses.

In an effort to bring this science to a wider audience, prestigious educational institutions are offering programs designed to strengthen essential mathematical skills, providing a solid foundation for academic success and intellectual development.

University of Rosario: Mathematics for University

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For those about to embark on their university journey, the University of Rosario offers the free course “Mathematics for University” through the edX platform.

This program, meticulously structured into four modules, presents itself as a unique opportunity to review and consolidate the fundamental concepts of mathematics.

From real numbers to functions, exponents, radicals, algebraic expressions, polynomials, equations, and inequalities, the course covers key topics necessary for successfully tackling calculus courses and related disciplines.

Enrollment is free and open to everyone.


Cursos relacionados

StanfordOnline: How to Learn Mathematics

For those seeking an interactive educational experience, Stanford University presents the free course “How to Learn Mathematics – For Students” through edX.

This program goes beyond conventional teaching by exploring how the brain functions during mathematical learning.

Designed for students of all levels, the course relies on participatory and interactive pedagogy.

Participants will discover how to develop a growth mindset, learn to leverage mistakes as learning opportunities, and enhance flexibility and numerical reasoning.

Enrollment is open to all interested individuals.


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