Learn SQL and Business Analysis with an Expert: Free Course!


The current business world moves at a dizzying speed, driven by the abundance of data and the need to make informed strategic and operational decisions.

SQL and business analysis emerge as fundamental tools for professionals seeking to excel in their fields.

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If you wish to delve into this exciting world and strengthen your skills, we present an exceptional opportunity.

SQL and Business Analysis Course

With over 10 years of experience in roles such as Full Stack Developer, Data Scientist, and Project Manager, Raúl Guerrero has developed an online course that will allow you to learn SQL and how to apply it in business analysis.

The course starts from the fundamentals of SQL Server, enabling participants to grasp the general functioning of this database management system.

From creating a database and defining tables with their primary and foreign keys to executing queries and subqueries, the syllabus is presented in a clear and practical manner.


The learning doesn’t stop there, as the course focuses on teaching how to program stored procedures and work with triggers to gain a deeper understanding of database operations.

Who is this course for?

The course is designed to be accessible for both beginners and those who already have some prior knowledge on the subject. No previous experience in SQL or business analysis is required to participate.

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Advantages of the course:

  • You will learn to create and manipulate relational databases.
  • You will acquire skills in developing queries and subqueries.
  • You will understand how to program stored procedures and work with triggers.
  • You will learn about views and their importance in presenting structured data.
  • You will use statistical and mathematical functions for a deeper data analysis.
  • You will enhance your productivity in making strategic and operational decisions.

Whether you are just starting in the field or already have experience, the course will provide you with a solid foundation in SQL and enable you to apply business analysis techniques to your professional life.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity and join the SQL and Business Analysis Course today!


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