Learn SQL and Databases with Oracle’s Free Course


Databases are a fundamental piece for the efficient organization and management of data in computer systems.

These structured collections of information allow for the storage, querying, and analysis of large volumes of data, turning them into valuable assets for informed decision-making.

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To interact with these databases, the Structured Query Language (SQL), a crucial tool for executing operations and obtaining information efficiently, is used.

Oracle, a leading company in database solutions, has introduced a new educational resource that will aid in understanding databases and how to work with them.

It’s a free online course on databases for beginners, focused on learning the SQL language and its application in handling Oracle Database.

This meticulously designed course spans 12 weeks, during which participants will dive into an educational journey that covers everything from the most basic concepts to more advanced aspects related to the use and administration of databases.


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Each week of the course focuses on a specific topic, ensuring a gradual and comprehensive approach to learning.

Upon successfully completing all the stages of the course, participants will be rewarded with an official certificate that validates their knowledge and achievements in the realm of databases and SQL.

This recognition can be a valuable asset as one advances in their technological career and demonstrates competence in a skill that is increasingly in demand in the job market.

However, learning doesn’t stop there. Oracle provides an additional tool called LiveSQL, an online platform where students can apply and test the concepts learned in a practical environment.

If you’re aiming to become an expert in databases and SQL, don’t miss the opportunity to access this exceptional course.

You can enroll and start your learning journey by clicking on the following button.


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