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From ancient times, bricklayers have played a crucial role in constructing various types of buildings, from simple residences to monumental architectural wonders.

This trade, whose origin dates back to the Arabic word ‘albanní’, meaning ‘The one who builds’ or ‘The one who constructs’, is essential not only for erecting walls but for laying the very foundation of our society.

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In line with the significance of masonry, the ‘Capacítate para el Empleo’ platform, backed by the Carlos Slim Foundation, has launched a free bricklayer course.

This program delves into not just the age-old technique of masonry but also the modern intricacies of construction, using materials ranging from stone and brick to cement and similar substances.

The course is designed to train individuals in building structures, covering everything from land preparation to block and tile placement, fluid channeling, and cement preparation.


It consists of four levels that offer comprehensive training through didactic educational materials, including videos, activities, and quizzes.

Fortunately, you’ll have the flexibility to review and repeat classes based on your needs, enabling you to identify the topics you’ve mastered and those that require reinforcement.

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Upon completion of the training, you’ll receive a certificate accrediting your learning, providing you with a valuable tool to enter the job market with solid and updated skills.

If you’d like to gather more information or enroll in the course, I invite you to use the following button:


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