Learn to defend your computer with this Free Course on Viruses and Antivirus


In the digital era, where technology is an integral part of our lives, the threat of computer viruses is an omnipresent reality.

These malicious programs aim to disrupt the operation of computers, jeopardizing the integrity of stored files and data.

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On the other hand, antivirus programs have evolved to become an effective barrier against these threats, detecting, blocking, and disinfecting files to safeguard user information.

Understanding this constantly changing dynamic is crucial, and staying informed about the latest trends in cybersecurity is essential.

In response to the growing need for awareness about online security, GCFGlobal has launched a free course called “Computer Viruses and Antivirus.”

The purpose of this course is to equip users with the necessary knowledge to protect their devices against computer viruses and to choose the most suitable antivirus according to their requirements.


The course, divided into several sections, comprehensively addresses the complex world of computer viruses and antivirus programs.

The first section immerses participants in understanding what computer viruses are and the damage they can inflict on devices. It explores the insidious nature of these programs, operating silently, infecting files, and modifying their content with the intention of deliberately destroying data.

The second section focuses on antivirus programs, highlighting their evolution from the 1980s to becoming advanced programs capable of detecting, blocking, and disinfecting files, as well as preventing infections.

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The third section of the course provides practical strategies on how to avoid falling victim to computer viruses. The fundamental premise is prevention, urging users to be proactive in protecting their computers and data from potential threats.

Finally, the course culminates with an assessment that allows users to measure their understanding and application of the acquired knowledge.

This free course represents a unique opportunity to strengthen personal cybersecurity and confidently face the challenges of the constantly evolving digital world.


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