Learn to develop Android applications with the free Kotlin course


Kotlin is a highly in-demand programming language that has gained popularity since its release.

Its concise and expressive syntax, along with its interoperability with Java, make it an attractive choice for developers seeking greater efficiency and productivity.

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In this article, we present to you the FREE Jetbrains Course, designed to help you master Kotlin and make the most of its features.

The course, specially designed for Java developers, immerses you in the world of Kotlin, covering key concepts such as syntax, functional programming, and object-oriented programming.

Over approximately 25 hours, you will learn to effectively use Kotlin and leverage its advanced features. Additionally, you will explore the Kotlin standard library and discover how to write code faster and with fewer errors.


Flexibility is crucial for successful online learning, and the Jetbrains Kotlin Course understands this perfectly. You can progress at your own pace and adjust the course according to your schedule and availability.

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Furthermore, the course offers subtitles in various languages, including Spanish, so you can understand the content without language barriers.

Become a more efficient programmer and enrich your skill set with the FREE Jetbrains Kotlin Course. Seize this learning opportunity and be part of the Kotlin revolution.

Don’t wait any longer and start your learning journey with Kotlin today!


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