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Personal image is a pivotal factor in our lives. It’s the way others perceive us and, in many cases, the key to opening doors in both personal and professional spheres.

Our image encompasses everything from physical appearance to non-verbal language, attitude, and the emotions we project. Therefore, its proper management becomes essential in achieving our goals.

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That’s why today I’m sharing with you the Free Personal Image Management Course.

Designed to be accessible to everyone, this course is a strategic tool for those who want to enhance their image and achieve personal and professional goals.

This online course focuses on three essential pillars of personal image:

  1. Appearance: You’ll learn how to use the appropriate clothing to project the image you desire.
  2. Behavior: You’ll understand etiquette and behavior norms in different contexts to positively influence others’ perception.
  3. Communication: You’ll explore the power of non-verbal language and acquire effective communication strategies for different environments and types of people.

Additionally, the course will address key topics such as the importance of well-managed image as a strategic tool, dress code rules in social and business contexts, and how to recognize and adapt to different thinking and communication styles.


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This course is particularly useful for anyone interested in enhancing their presence, whether in their personal life, social settings, or the business world.

Regardless of your field of study or lifestyle, the skills you acquire here are applicable in various contexts.

How to access the Course

The Free Personal Image Management Course is available on the edX platform and is taught by the renowned instructor Lynda Osorio Patiño, with the support of the prestigious Pontifical Javeriana University.

To enroll, simply visit the edX platform, search for the course, and follow the registration steps. Once enrolled, you’ll have access to the course materials and can progress at your own pace.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enroll in this free course and start your journey towards an authentic and powerful image. Invest in yourself and discover how to enhance your presence in all aspects of life!


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