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Currently, the internet has become a significant source of income for many individuals. Whether part-time or full-time, an increasing number of people are finding ways to monetize their skills and knowledge through digital platforms.

However, for newcomers, this world can be confusing and overwhelming.

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The free course to make money online is being heavily promoted on social media and various specialized sites.

According to the available information, the educational content is hosted on the Tutellus platform and primarily focuses on generating passive income through affiliate systems.

One of the highlights within the program is the practical introduction to the functioning of affiliate panels. Through examples on Tutellus, students can quickly grasp concepts such as integration with APIs and the promotion of third-party products.


Another relevant aspect is the recommendations for promoting affiliate programs among potential clients. From sharing links on social media to using email marketing, the course covers multiple proven strategies to maximize conversions.

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Finally, online training also addresses integration with payment systems and scaling operations in the medium term.

All based on optimizing success rates and organically expanding sales channels.

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