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Ruby is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language created by Yukihiro Matsumoto in 1995.

With the aim of combining the simplicity of Python and the power of Perl, Ruby has gained popularity among web developers due to its framework, Ruby on Rails, which facilitates the creation of dynamic and scalable web applications.

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Its advantages include an expressive and consistent syntax that makes it easy to read and write, its flexibility to modify parts of the language at runtime, its object-oriented approach, and its compatibility with various programming paradigms.

Furthermore, it has an active community that provides resources, tutorials, and libraries to facilitate learning and problem-solving.

Free Courses to Learn Ruby

If you would like to delve into the world of Ruby programming, here are three free courses in Spanish that will help you master this language from scratch.

Free Ruby Course

  • Duration: 5 hours and 5 minutes.
  • Format: 100% online.

The course consists of one module and 38 classes covering the basic fundamentals of the Ruby programming language, including variables, operators, and conditionals.

Introduction to Ruby on Rails Course


  • Duration: 3 hours and 32 minutes.
  • Format: 100% online.

This course consists of 8 modules and 42 classes that will take your Ruby programming skills to the next level.

You will learn how to create web applications that communicate with databases and process data using Ruby on Rails.

Free Ruby on Rails 4 Course

  • Duration: 8 hours and 4 minutes.
  • Format: 100% online.

Content: This course, which includes a digital certificate and exam, will teach you how to use Ruby on Rails 4 to create a professional blog. You will learn to design and develop more complex web applications.

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How to Register for the Courses?

All these courses are available on the Código Facilito platform. To access them, simply create an account on their website.

The courses are 100% online on-demand, which means they are pre-recorded, and you can start them whenever you want and progress at your own pace.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn a versatile and sought-after language in the technology industry. Enroll in the courses right now and get ready for an exciting future as a Ruby developer.


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