Learn to weld electrical components with this Free Course


The welding of electrical components stands out as an indispensable process in multiple industries, generating sturdy and durable structures for the metallurgical and construction sectors.

This thermo-electric technique, crucial for creating strong connections, has gained prominence due to its efficiency and practical applications in the manufacturing of electronic devices.

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Electric welding, also known as resistance welding, has taken center stage in recent times. This process involves the passage of electric current through the pieces to be joined, heating them until they fuse.

Its significance lies in the ability to create robust connections, crucial for ensuring the optimal and safe functioning of electronic devices. Furthermore, its ease of use compared to other techniques, such as gas or forging, makes it an attractive choice as a flame-free method that can be employed in various environments.

Alison, a recognized online education platform, offers the free course on Electrical Component Welding.

Designed to teach students the necessary skills for professional welding, this course is structured into two fundamental modules.


The first, Mastering the Art of Welding, immerses students in the theory and practice of welding, allowing them to understand and apply the acquired knowledge.

The second module focuses on the consolidation of learning by identifying tools, processes, and quality criteria for effective welding.

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With over 3,427 students already enrolled, this course represents an opportunity for those looking to refine their skills in welding electrical components.

Moreover, upon successful completion of the course, you can request a certificate generated by the platform.


If you want to access the course, simply use the following button:


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