Meta surprises with its Free Course for creating political campaigns


In the world of politics, electoral campaigns play a crucial role.

They are strategies designed to support a candidate or political party in their quest to win elections and gain voter support.

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These campaigns involve a series of activities ranging from the development of messages and political platforms to the use of advertising across different media, organizing rallies and events, participating in debates, mobilizing volunteers, and utilizing social media.

Meta has launched a new free online course aimed at providing participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to plan and execute an effective political campaign.

The course provides a step-by-step guide for those interested in the political and electoral field. With a duration of 30 minutes, the program is self-paced, allowing participants to progress at their own speed.

Through a series of videos, they will learn best practices and strategies used in modern political campaigns, with a particular focus on the use of social media.


Participants will learn how to define the candidate’s message and image, develop an effective communication strategy, utilize social media and other marketing channels to reach voters, organize campaign events, and comply with the legal and ethical requirements of a political campaign.

This course is a unique opportunity for those who wish to work in political campaigns or actively participate in them.

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It is targeted towards political candidates, party members, campaign advisors, volunteers, and political activists.

No prior knowledge of the topics covered in the course is required. Only a computer with a stable internet connection is needed to access all the online content.

Take advantage of this opportunity and start learning today! You can access the course using this button:


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