Mexican Government Launches Free Digital Education Course with Certification


Digital education has become a fundamental pillar in the teaching and learning process, as it utilizes digital technologies to facilitate access to knowledge and promote the development of digital skills in students and teachers.

Recognizing the importance of this field, the government of Mexico has launched a free online course, directed by the General Directorate of Public Education, with the objective of promoting digital education and strengthening the educational quality in the country.

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The course offers a unique opportunity to address various topics related to education, culture, technology, and inclusion.

It is designed for teachers at all educational levels as well as the general public interested in acquiring knowledge about digitality in teacher training, strategies for the application of educational resources, and the advantages of online education.

To participate in this course, basic knowledge of office tools, as well as access to the internet and an electronic device, are required.

The program consists of six units, each of which will be taught by distinguished experts in the field.


Among them are Mtro. Edgar Sánchez Linares, Lic. Alejandro Zamora, and Lic. Rodrigo García, Dr. Andrés Campero, Dra. Guadalupe Vadillo and Dra. Jackeline Bucio, Mtra. Carolina Condado and Lic. Juan Dimuro, and Dr. Felipe Cruz Pérez.

One of the notable advantages of this course is its flexible schedule, as it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows students to take it from anywhere in the world and at their convenience.

Upon completion of the course, a certificate of participation will be awarded to those students who obtain a passing grade in the evaluations corresponding to each of the units.

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This certificate can be downloaded once a minimum percentage of seventy percent (70%) has been achieved.

If you are interested in participating in this free course, simply follow this link [insert link] and begin your journey towards the development of digital skills in the educational field.

Register today and take advantage of this learning opportunity!


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