Microsoft has launched a Free Python Course in just 16 minutes


Microsoft has unveiled a new online course aimed at training programming enthusiasts in the use of Python, a highly versatile and widely applied programming language in the industry.

Python, renowned for its simplicity and versatility, is employed in various fields such as web development, artificial intelligence, and data analysis.

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This course provides an ideal opportunity for those seeking to learn or delve deeper into the fundamentals of Python.

Through a series of carefully designed modules, students are guided through the essential concepts of Python and are encouraged to apply their learnings in practical exercises.


Key aspects of the course include:

  • Exploration of Different Options for Running Python Applications
  • Utilization of the Python Interpreter for Code Execution
  • Mastery of Variable Declaration
  • Creation of a Basic Application that Accepts Inputs and Generates Outputs

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The course is part of a collection of educational resources offered by Microsoft for those interested in building practical applications using Python.

From data analysis applications to artificial intelligence projects, the Python language has proven to be a versatile and powerful tool.

To access this valuable learning resource, it is necessary to visit Microsoft’s website where the course is being conducted.


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