Microsoft launches free MySQL database training


Microsoft has announced the release of an exciting video series titled “MySQL Developer Essentials Series.”

Specifically designed for Python, Java, and PHP developers, this video series provides comprehensive and hands-on training for those looking to create, deploy, and manage cloud applications backed by Azure and the power of MySQL as their database management system.

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Why MySQL and Azure?

MySQL is known for its ability to efficiently and quickly handle large volumes of data, making it a reliable choice for developing web, mobile, and desktop applications.

Its open-source nature and strong community of users and developers ensure continuous improvement and technical support.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s Azure cloud services platform has gained recognition for its scalability, high security, and reliability.

It offers a wide range of services and tools that seamlessly integrate with the Microsoft ecosystem, providing a smooth and efficient development experience.


The MySQL Developer Essentials Series of videos covers a wide range of essential topics for developers.

From a detailed introduction to Azure and MySQL to tips and tricks for hosting applications and managing resources in the cloud, participants will gain valuable knowledge to take their development skills to the next level.

Developers will learn to use managed services such as Azure App Service, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Azure Database for MySQL Flexible Server to focus on application development without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

The free course offers a unique opportunity for Python, Java, and PHP developers to learn how to use MySQL on Azure and make the most of Microsoft’s cloud capabilities.

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With such a powerful combination, professionals will be able to create more efficient and scalable applications. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to enhance your development skills and explore all that Azure and MySQL have to offer.

Register for the course and open doors to new and exciting opportunities in the world of cloud application development.

To access the course, follow this link:


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