Microsoft offers Free AI training: Details and how to enroll


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a topic of growing interest in today’s society.

This branch of computer science, which aims to emulate human intelligence through technology, has demonstrated astonishing potential in various fields, from virtual assistants to medical diagnoses and autonomous vehicles.

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Given its increasing relevance, learning about AI has become a valuable investment for the future.

For those looking to delve into this world, Microsoft has launched a 12-week free course designed specifically for beginners.

This study program provides a solid introduction to key AI concepts and offers a unique opportunity to acquire fundamental skills in this ever-evolving field.


Microsoft course covers a variety of essential topics to understand AI. It starts with an overview of different AI approaches and delves into neural networks, a crucial component of modern AI, along with the introduction of fundamental concepts.

Participants will also explore neural architectures used in image and text processing, as well as multi-agent systems, a crucial aspect in today’s AI landscape.

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All the necessary materials are available for free on Microsoft’s official website. For those who wish to further deepen their learning, a self-paced project is offered, including practical exercises.

These exercises are accompanied by introductions and code notebooks provided by Microsoft, allowing students to test and strengthen their knowledge.

For detailed information on the content of each module and the number of hours required to complete them, you can access the Microsoft Learn platform using the following button:


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