Microsoft recommends these 3 free courses to learn Excel from scratch


It’s undeniable: Excel is much more than just a spreadsheet. It’s the digital soul that brings life to organization and efficiency across various sectors, from finance to project management.

Its ability to simplify complex calculations, chart data into insightful graphs, and offer seamless remote collaboration has elevated its status to an unmatched level.

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But beyond numbers and data, Excel is the unwavering companion that powers productivity and frees up time for truly creative tasks.

Now, in this exciting chapter of the year 2023, Microsoft has laid out an opportunity for everyone to unravel the mysteries of Excel and become masters of this iconic tool.

Through three exceptional and completely free courses, this technological giant guides you hand-in-hand from the most basic foundations to the deepest and most sophisticated aspects of Excel.

Course 1: Introduction to Microsoft 365

Want to conquer the world of spreadsheets and beyond? Get ready for the course available on LinkedIn.

In this course, you’ll learn to master Microsoft Word and Excel for document and data management. But that’s not all, you’ll also delve into the power of OneNote for organizing your digital notes and acquire the fundamentals of Outlook to keep your inbox under control.


Course 2: Excel Video Learnings

Looking to polish your Excel skills to the highest level? This course is your golden ticket.

Divided into basic and advanced levels, you’ll embark on a journey of discovery through videos available on the Microsoft website.

From efficiently creating rows, columns, and cells to the art of formulas and functions, this course will make you a master in data manipulation.

Course 3: Working with Computers and Mobile Devices

Whether you’re a technology novice or someone looking to refine your digital skills, this course will guide you through the exciting world of computing.

Videos available on LinkedIn will walk you through the use of office tools and transform you into an expert in creating digital content tailored to your needs.

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Whether you’re looking to expand your career horizons, refine your skills in your current job, or simply embrace the digital era with confidence, these courses offer you a unique platform to grow and flourish.

Knowledge is the path to excellence, and Microsoft has paved the way for everyone to walk with sure and determined steps.


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