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The adaptation of migrants arriving in the United States involves various challenges, from cultural assimilation to job hunting and the knowledge of their rights.

This is why learning English becomes a crucial necessity as it can make a significant difference in the quality of life and social integration for those who have chosen to settle in this country.

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Various studies have confirmed that English proficiency significantly increases the opportunities for migrants in the United States. It allows them to access better-paying jobs, understand their rights, communicate in emergency situations, and establish smooth relationships with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

As a result, learning English stands as a valuable investment for those looking to progress in their lives in this country.

New York Public Library

The New York Public Library, famous for its extensive selection of books catering to all tastes, offers an essential resource for those who wish to understand and live in the Big Apple.


Committed to supporting immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees, the institution provides a range of free programs and services designed to guide newcomers on their path to a successful life in New York.

Among the services provided by the New York Public Library, English classes and assistance in obtaining an ID NYC are notable. These initiatives aim to provide tools that enable migrants to navigate New York society effectively.

Specifically, the New York Public Library offers two types of English classes held in over 20 libraries across the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island.

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These classes are organized in 10-week cycles and vary in schedule to accommodate the students’ needs. Classes are offered for beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level students.

  1. ESOL Classes: These classes are aimed at non-native speakers and focus on improving listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing in English.
  2. Adult Basic Education Classes: These classes are designed for students who already have some knowledge of English but want to enhance their reading and writing skills.
  3. English Classes for the Workplace: Geared towards intermediate and advanced speakers seeking employment or wishing to improve their job prospects.

How to access these english classes

To enroll in these valuable classes, interested individuals can access the following button to find all the information:


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