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In today’s world, where the economy and personal finances play a crucial role in our daily lives, it is essential to acquire strong skills in managing our income, expenses, savings, and investments.

However, many people face difficulties in understanding and effectively handling their financial resources.

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With the aim of providing practical and accessible solutions, the renowned expert in personal finance, Vanesa Leyes, has created the “Basic Personal Finance Course.”

In this course, Leyes shares her knowledge and experience to help beginners take control of their financial future.

Specially designed for beginners, this course provides the fundamental foundations to achieve a healthy economic situation and meet the financial needs of each individual or family.


Course Content:

  • Credit Cards: In the first section of the course, students will learn in detail about the functioning of credit cards.
  • Personal Loans: In the second section, Leyes will provide in-depth knowledge about the different financing systems used by banks, including the French, German, or American systems.
  • Investments: The third section of the course will focus on the world of investments. Vanesa Leyes will guide participants through essential concepts such as what investing is, the different investor profiles, and how to build an investment portfolio.

The course is designed for anyone interested in acquiring practical knowledge about managing financial products and who wants to take control of their economic future.

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No prior experience in finance is required, only internet access, a device, and above all, the willingness to learn.

If you’re looking to take control of your personal finances and achieve a healthy economic situation, don’t miss this unique opportunity.

Enroll now and start your journey towards a more secure and prosperous financial life!


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