React for Everyone: Free online course that teaches you from scratch.


React, developed by Facebook, has become one of the most popular options for creating modern web applications.

Its component-based approach allows developers to build user interfaces divided into small, reusable components, making it easier to create more complex interfaces.

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Each component in React manages its own internal state and efficiently updates when data changes, improving performance and the user experience.

In this free online course, you will learn the fundamental concepts of React, from its component-based approach to its integration with other libraries and frameworks.

Throughout the course, you will gain a solid understanding of React basics. You will start with a theoretical introduction that covers what React is, how components work, and managing internal state.


You will learn to use JSX, a JavaScript extension that simplifies the creation and rendering of components in the browser.

The course will also cover integrating React with other JavaScript libraries and frameworks.

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You will explore integration with React Router, an essential tool for routing in web applications, and learn how to use Redux to efficiently manage the global state of your application.

Take advantage of this free online course to learn the basics of React. Improve your web development skills and discover how to build interactive user interfaces with this popular JavaScript library.

Sign up now and start your journey towards mastering React.


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