Reading fast has never been so easy: Discover the secret with this Free course


Speed reading is a skill that can be beneficial in many situations, allowing us to process information more quickly and be more efficient in our tasks.

However, it also has its limitations and is not always the most suitable option.

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When it comes to reading quickly, there are several advantages to consider. First of all, speed reading allows us to tackle large volumes of material in a short amount of time, which can be especially useful when we have a lot to study or review.

However, it is also important to consider the limitations of speed reading. As we increase the reading speed, our understanding of the details and nuances of the text may be compromised.

We may overlook important details or fail to fully grasp the meaning of the text.

Furthermore, when reading quickly, we run the risk of losing the enjoyment and appreciation of reading, especially when it comes to literary works or texts with artistic or metaphorical elements.


Fortunately, there is a free course that can help us improve our speed reading and comprehension skills.

This course is based on the method of reading in word groups, which allows us to capture multiple words at a glance. With this approach, we don’t waste time moving our eyes from left to right and top to bottom, which also helps reduce visual fatigue.

The course gives us the opportunity to practice reading each text more than once, if desired, and we are recommended to complete a questionnaire after the first reading. Additionally, we can adjust the playback speed of the practice video to match our learning pace.

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Techniques for increasing or decreasing the video’s playback speed are also explained, according to our needs. It is important to complete the comprehension exercises and summarize at the three proposed levels of synthesis to make the most of the course.

If we want to read faster and improve our comprehension, this practical course is the ideal solution. We should not miss the opportunity to develop this skill that will allow us to be more efficient in our work and studies.

Let’s take advantage of this free offer and work towards reaching our full potential in reading. Don’t miss out!


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