Samsung has launched free programming and electronics courses with Certification


Samsung has taken the initiative to provide unprecedented educational opportunities through free online certification courses in key fields such as IoT, programming, and electronics.

This initiative aims to empower individuals in Latin America and beyond by equipping them with the necessary tools to master the intricacies of technology and prepare for a future driven by innovation.

Free Certification Courses in IoT, Programming, and Electronics by Samsung

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In today’s digital era, computer science and electronics form the foundation upon which progress is built.

The combination of these two disciplines has led to complex systems that drive critical sectors such as healthcare, communication, and industry.

Samsung has launched an educational proposal that offers high-quality online courses, with certification, in key technology areas, making them accessible to all. These courses provide an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the world of technology and acquire essential skills.

The initiative, known as Code IoT, is the result of collaboration between Samsung Electronics and the Laboratory of Integrated Technological Systems (LSI-TEC) of Brazil.

One of the standout features of this proposal is its accessibility: the courses are taught in multiple languages, including Spanish, English, and Portuguese. This ensures that participants can fully embrace the learning experience without being hindered by language barriers.

The offered courses cover a diverse spectrum of topics, all of which are fundamental in contemporary technology:


  • Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT) (IOT101): In an increasingly interconnected world, understanding IoT is essential. This course will provide you with the necessary knowledge to comprehend its functioning and applications in daily life.
  • Learning to Program (IOT102): Programming is a crucial skill in the digital era. Through this course, you will become familiar with fundamental concepts and acquire essential programming skills.
  • Electronics: Basic Concepts and Components (IOT103): To grasp modern technology, understanding the basics of electronics is essential. This course will provide you with the necessary knowledge to work with circuits and electronic components.
  • Physical Programming with Arduino (IOT104): Arduino is a versatile platform for creating interactive electronic projects. This course will teach you how to program and work with Arduino devices to bring your ideas to life.
  • Mobile Device Applications (IOT105): In the age of mobile devices, creating applications is a valuable skill. Through this course, you will learn to develop mobile applications and harness the power of modern devices.
  • Connected Smart Objects (IOT106): This course will guide you in creating connected smart objects, allowing you to explore new frontiers in the world of IoT.

How to Access the Courses?

Accessing these courses is simple and convenient. Interested individuals only need to provide basic information such as their email, name, and date of birth.

Additionally, they need to select their state of residence, ensuring a personalized experience.

The courses are entirely online and designed to accommodate various schedules; dedicating around two hours per week is recommended for optimal performance.

This certification, backed by Samsung, recognizes and validates the acquired knowledge, which can be a valuable asset in pursuing job and professional opportunities.

The free certification courses in IoT, programming, and electronics offered by Samsung present an exceptional opportunity for those who wish to venture into this exciting world.

Whether you want to expand your professional horizons or simply satisfy your curiosity, these courses provide you with the path to a bright technological future.

Register today and join Samsung’s educational revolution.


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