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Scrum is a method of managing product development projects based on the principles of agility.

Its goal is to deliver value to the customer quickly and continuously, adapting to changes and improving the product with each iteration. Scrum consists of three main elements: roles, events, and artifacts.

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The methodology promotes continuous improvement by encouraging teams to learn from their experiences, self-organize to address problems, and reflect on successes and challenges for constant progress.

Equally relevant is the career potential that a Scrum certification offers, being a valued requirement in the workplace.

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For those looking to delve into the world of Scrum, GCFGlobal offers a free 10-lesson course.


This course covers everything from the fundamental concepts of Scrum to practical application in solving complex problems with teamwork.

The lessons guide participants from problem identification to the creation of work plans, estimation of time and effort, measurement of results and behaviors, and the strategic and tactical use of Scrum.

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Upon completion, a test evaluates the acquired knowledge.

The free course on GCFGlobal provides easy and flexible access, allowing interested individuals to immerse themselves in the world of Scrum with just one click on “Start the course.”


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