Slim Foundation launches a free course on financial education


In an increasingly complex world in financial terms, it is essential to have the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions and effectively manage our economic resources.

Financial education emerges as the key to acquiring the right tools in money management, allowing us to avoid financial traps, maximize our resources, and achieve greater long-term financial stability.

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The Carlos Slim Foundation offers a free online course on financial education that covers a wide range of topics related to money management.

You will learn how to create a personal budget, set financial goals, and effectively plan your expenses and income. Additionally, you will discover saving and investment strategies to optimize the growth of your economic resources.

The course also focuses on responsible borrowing, where you will learn about key concepts such as interest and repayment terms to avoid falling into overindebtedness.


Another fundamental aspect of the course is a basic understanding of taxes and how to fulfill your tax obligations. You will acquire the necessary tools to properly plan your financial situation.

Financial education is essential for making successful personal financial decisions. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn and develop your skills in personal finance with the free financial education course offered by the Carlos Slim Foundation.

Sign up today and acquire the knowledge necessary to manage your money intelligently and profitably.

Access the course right now and become an expert in finance!


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