Slim Foundation launches free programming courses with certification


In the current world, learning to program has become a crucial skill.

It not only develops problem-solving skills and critical thinking but also fosters creativity by allowing you to materialize your ideas in the form of applications, websites, and games.

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Furthermore, the demand for programming professionals continues to rise, opening up numerous job opportunities in various industries.

Programming Courses by the Carlos Slim Foundation

The Carlos Slim Foundation has launched a very interesting initiative for all those interested in the world of programming.

They have developed three free courses that offer an excellent opportunity to learn programming from scratch or improve your existing skills.

The courses are designed in a friendly and accessible manner, without requiring previous programming experience.

Anyone, regardless of their level of knowledge, can participate and learn easily.

Programming Logic

This course will teach you the fundamental foundations for the efficient creation of programs and applications. You will learn to design data flows to solve problems through programming.

Additionally, you will acquire coding skills using the C language and learn to select the most appropriate programming approach according to the problem-solving needs.


Introduction to Programming

In this course, you will become familiar with the main programming languages and understand their real-world applications.

You will learn the fundamental concepts necessary to create programs in any programming language.

Programming Paradigm (Object-Oriented)

This course will allow you to understand the concepts and techniques for designing and building complex and robust programs.

You will learn to design software using the technique of class abstraction, attributes, and object-oriented methods.

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The courses offered by the Carlos Slim Foundation are an excellent opportunity to learn programming effectively and dynamically.

No matter your level of prior knowledge, these courses will provide you with the necessary skills to venture into the digital world.

Access the courses through the links provided in the title of each course and get ready to acquire an indispensable skill in the current world.

Learn to program and open the doors to endless job and creative opportunities!


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