Stand Out from the crowd! Platzi launches Free Personal Branding Course


Platzi, the renowned online education platform, has taken a significant step towards professional improvement with the launch of a course dedicated to strengthening Personal Branding.

This concept, which has become crucial in today’s competitive professional landscape, delves into the unique essence of each individual as if they were a brand in themselves.

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What is personal branding, and why is it essential?

Personal branding, essentially, encompasses diverse elements such as personal experiences, education, professional trajectory, skills, competencies, and the added value that distinguishes a professional in their field.

Beyond being merely a set of skills, it involves how a person is perceived in their professional environment and beyond.

Platzi: Free personal branding Course

Platzi has designed a course that not only addresses the fundamental aspects of constructing a robust personal brand but also provides a strategic vision to stand out in an increasingly competitive job market.


This course covers everything from creating a compelling brand identity to developing valuable content and building an attractive professional portfolio.

Participants will learn practical strategies to define and optimize their social media profiles, as well as creating communities through a solid content strategy.

Freddy Vega, CEO of Platzi, emphatically endorses this course, emphasizing that personal branding is the key to unlocking professional success. He also underscores the importance of consciously deciding how one wishes to be perceived in the professional sphere, establishing valuable connections with recruiters, clients, and future collaborators.

This free course represents an opportunity for professionals looking to excel in their respective industries.

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Registration is now open on the Platzi website, providing interested individuals with the chance to build a strong and distinctive personal brand in today’s job market.

Don’t miss the chance to boost your professional career. Register now for the Platzi Personal Branding Course!


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