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The importance of a thesis as an academic document and its relevance in the development of knowledge are fundamental aspects in the education of any student.

A thesis represents the culmination of years of study and work, allowing the student to make original contributions in their field of study and demonstrate their academic competence.

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Furthermore, the process of research and critical analysis involved in the development of a thesis enhances fundamental skills for advancement both in the academic and professional spheres.

In this regard, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) has launched a free course titled “How to Write a Thesis?” with the aim of guiding and supporting students who need to complete their thesis work.

This course, taught by Professor Felipe de la O López from the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at UNAM, is available on the renowned educational platform Coursera.


The course “How to Write a Thesis?” is structured into seven modules that comprehensively address each stage of the thesis development process.

  • In the first module, students are introduced to the concept of a thesis, understand the different types that exist, and learn when the appropriate time is to begin their research work.
  • The second module provides guidance for selecting a relevant topic and choosing a suitable advisor.
  • The third module focuses on the importance of academic language, teaching students about its proper use, research ethics, and the need for originality in their work.

Throughout the course, essential aspects such as research protocol, hypothesis formulation, and organization of ideas are addressed. Additionally, practical tools for thesis writing are provided, and the final details that need to be considered for a proper presentation are covered.

If you are close to completing your thesis and need guidance and support to successfully finish this important process, do not miss the opportunity to access the course “How to Write a Thesis?” from UNAM using the following button:

Take advantage of this valuable tool provided by one of Mexico’s most prominent educational institutions and take your thesis work to the next level.

Don’t let obstacles come between you and your academic goal!


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