The BBC launches a platform for learning Chinese for free


Mandarin Chinese is not only the most spoken language on Earth but also a gateway to a world full of opportunities.

Beyond its roots in China, Mandarin Chinese is spoken in regions like Singapore and Taiwan, and Chinese communities are spread across the globe. This ubiquity makes proficiency in Chinese a valuable resource for communicating with a diversity of people and cultures.

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In addition to the social and cultural advantage, Mandarin Chinese has a direct impact on the professional sphere. China’s thriving economy has positioned the country as a global influencer, resulting in a growing demand for professionals who are proficient in Chinese.

From business negotiations to international collaboration, knowledge of Mandarin Chinese becomes a highly competitive asset in the contemporary job market.

BBC Course

Given the significance of Mandarin Chinese, the prestigious British broadcaster BBC has brought an exciting announcement: A Chinese Course.

The aim of this course is to guide students through an effective path to basic mastery of Mandarin Chinese.

The course structure is based on 10 clearly defined stages, each focused on everyday and conversational situations.


This pragmatic approach enables students to navigate real-life scenarios, such as booking a hotel, ordering food at a restaurant, or introducing themselves and meeting others.

Through 10 instructional videos, students immerse themselves in the linguistic and cultural world of Mandarin Chinese, gaining confidence and skills with each step of the way.

The platform where the course is taught provides mini-guides and a Chinese vocabulary dictionary specifically designed for beginners, offering essential support for the learning process.

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This course is designed for individuals of diverse backgrounds and motivations. Whether you wish to initiate yourself in Mandarin Chinese before a trip, strengthen your linguistic abilities for the professional sphere, or simply explore a new culture, this program is a valuable resource.

It’s worth noting that the course is taught in English, so an intermediate level of this language is necessary to understand the content.

Whether for personal or professional reasons, embarking on this linguistic journey can bring countless rewards and enriching experiences.


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