The Carlos Slim Foundation invites you to its Free Digital Content Development Course


The creation of multimedia content, ranging from texts to videos, has become an essential strategy for attracting web traffic and potential customers.

This process, spanning from planning to result analysis, has solidified itself as a key practice in digital marketing.

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That’s why the Carlos Slim Foundation, through its Capacítate para el Empleo platform, joins the initiative to promote skills in this field by offering the Digital Content Developer course.

The main objective of this course is to provide the necessary skills to create effective digital content tailored to the commercial needs of clients.

Over four levels, participants will learn to identify business needs, define project characteristics, research and write content for the web, apply web design strategies, and maintain effective communication with clients.


Additionally, the course emphasizes the importance of staying updated in a constantly evolving technological environment.

Participants will learn to guide clients through projects, delivering regular reports to demonstrate the results of their work, which is essential for customer satisfaction and generating recommendations.

The course methodology includes lessons delivered through infographics, videos, and practical activities, with assessments at the end of each lesson to measure participants’ performance.

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The Carlos Slim Foundation’s initiative, offering this course for free, reinforces its commitment to training and skill development in various productive sectors, opening doors to digital transformation and the acquisition of relevant knowledge in today’s digital era.

If you are interested in taking this course, you can access it and take the first step toward a career in the exciting world of digital content development.


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