The Slim Foundation is launching two new free programming courses with certification


In the current digital era, learning to program has become a fundamental requirement.

Programming not only involves writing code but also develops problem-solving skills and logical thinking.

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Furthermore, it provides a platform to express creativity and turn ideas into practical applications.

In this regard, the Carlos Slim Foundation has launched two free courses, Front-end Developer and Back-end Developer, with the aim of helping individuals acquire technical knowledge and open new doors in the job market.

Front-end Developer Course

The Front-end Developer course focuses on creating attractive and user-friendly user interfaces for websites.

Through this training, students will learn to use information and communication technologies to design intuitive interfaces and maximize the user experience.

From the first level, they will immerse themselves in the world of web design, learning to effectively convey content.


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Back-end Developer Course

On the other hand, the Back-end Developer course focuses on implementing the interaction between the user and a website.

Participants will gain knowledge in programming languages that will allow them to develop processing modules and provide dynamic content based on user requests.

Additionally, they will learn to use databases to store valuable information and ensure high performance on popular websites.

These courses are part of the “Capacítate para el Empleo” program by the Carlos Slim Foundation, which aims to improve the technical and professional skills of individuals in Latin America and other developing countries.

Register now and acquire the necessary knowledge to stand out in today’s job market, while benefiting from an educational program supported by a renowned foundation.

Don’t miss the opportunity to expand your professional horizons. Enroll today and unleash your programming potential!


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