The Slim Foundation offers you the opportunity to learn masonry for free and online


Masonry is a vital activity in the field of construction, responsible for the building of structures using a variety of materials such as bricks, cement blocks, stone, and mortar.

Professionals in masonry, known as bricklayers or masons, are experts in the manipulation and placement of these materials to construct walls, floors, roofs, and other structures.

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Masonry encompasses a wide range of tasks, from land preparation and foundation work to the placement of construction materials and the final finishing touches.

This skill has been essential in the construction of homes, buildings, monuments, and civil works throughout history.

Although new techniques and materials have emerged in modern construction, masonry remains an important and necessary skill in the field, both in residential and commercial projects.

If you are interested in learning how to build anything from a house to a building, the Carlos Slim Foundation, through its Capacítate para el Empleo program, offers a free online Masonry course.

This course is designed to train participants in the handling of tools and materials, as well as the identification of work areas and specific activities to be carried out in each one.


The best part is that the course is available online 24/7 and completely free of charge.

All you need is an email address, internet access, and an electronic device to follow the classes.

The virtual format of the course allows you to learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. Moreover, if you need to reinforce any particular topic, you can review each class and answer its questionnaire as many times as you need.

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Once you have completed all the lessons and passed the assessments, you will have the opportunity to download and print your certificate, diploma, or study certificate, which will serve as valuable proof of your masonry knowledge.

Register for the free online Masonry course offered by the Carlos Slim Foundation and acquire the necessary knowledge to build your own homes.

Access the course by clicking the button below:

Don’t miss this opportunity to develop your potential in the construction field.


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