The Spain National Police launches a free online cybersecurity course


Cybersecurity is a topic of growing importance in our highly digitized society.

With the increase in cyber attacks and online threats, protecting our computer systems and networks has become crucial.

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Fortunately, there are cybersecurity training programs that allow us to acquire the necessary knowledge to confront these threats and protect our information.

One prominent program is the C1b3rWall course, launched by the Spanish National Police in collaboration with computer security experts.

C1b3rWall Course

The Spanish National Police, in partnership with prominent collaborators, has recently developed the C1b3rWall cybersecurity course.

This online training program provides a unique opportunity for those interested in expanding their knowledge of computer security and online protection.

The main objective of the course is to provide comprehensive and detailed training on the risks and threats present on the Internet, as well as best practices to protect against them.


C1b3rWall consists of 15 modules covering a wide range of topics, from an introduction to cybersecurity to more advanced areas such as cryptography, artificial intelligence, and cryptocurrency security.

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The course modules are carefully designed by cybersecurity experts and presented in video format. This visual presentation makes learning more engaging and understandable, facilitating the assimilation of key concepts.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a diploma that allows them to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the field of cybersecurity.

This certification can be a valuable asset when seeking job opportunities in the field of computer security.

Don’t miss the opportunity to strengthen your knowledge in cybersecurity and protect yourself from online threats.

Register now for the C1b3rWall course and enhance your skills in computer security!


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