These are 100 free certified courses ranging from English to programming


Currently, online learning has become a fundamental tool for acquiring new skills and knowledge.

The possibility of accessing education regardless of geographical location has democratized the learning process, allowing people from remote areas or with limited educational resources to have access to a wide variety of courses and programs.

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Online learning offers flexibility, as students can set their own study schedules and progress at their own pace.

Free Courses with Certification

Saylor Academy positions itself as a non-profit initiative that offers a wide range of free online courses.

Since its foundation in 2008, Saylor Academy has provided high-quality university-level and professional courses, tailored to any schedule and pace.

With nearly 100 courses available, Saylor Academy becomes a reliable and comprehensive option for those who want to expand their knowledge and skills.


Whether you’re looking to advance in your career, complete a university degree, or simply acquire new competencies, Saylor Academy has something for you.

Additionally, upon completing a course, you will be able to obtain a digital certificate of completion, issued through their partner Accredible, which validates your achievements and provides a reliable record of your learning.

These certificates include detailed information such as your name, the Saylor Academy logo, the course title, and a complete description of the course. Moreover, they have a unique ID that guarantees their authenticity and validity.

Cursos relacionados

Explore the full list of free courses with certification offered by Saylor Academy and take advantage of the benefits of online learning.

Don’t wait any longer and start your online learning journey today!


Administracion de Negocios



Ciencias de la Computación

Ciencias económicas


Ingles como segundo lenguaje



Habilidades de aprendizaje




Ciencias Políticas

Desarrollo profesional




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