These are all the free courses offered by El Colegio de México


Education is a fundamental pillar for the development of society and the understanding of the challenges we face.

El Colegio de México is a renowned institution with a long tradition in teaching social sciences and humanities. Founded in 1940, it is widely recognized in the Spanish-speaking world for its academic excellence and commitment to research.

Únete a los canales oficiales de Cursin

El Colegio de México offers a wide range of free courses that cover different areas of study, allowing those interested to enrich their knowledge and perspectives.


These courses are divided into several categories:

  1. Human Mobility and Journalism in Mexico: Building New Narratives (Duration: 8 weeks)
  2. Public Strategies for Preventing and Addressing Adolescent Pregnancy (Duration: 5 weeks)
  3. China: Civilization and Modernity (Duration: 8 weeks)
  4. Corruption (Duration: 6 weeks)
  5. Inequality (Duration: 5 weeks)
  6. The Challenges of Early Literacy (Duration: 4 weeks)
  7. Teenage Pregnancy Prevention (Duration: 7 weeks)

In addition to its diverse course offerings, El Colegio de México provides access to a specialized library in social sciences and humanities, housing over 700,000 volumes and digital resources.

For additional information about these courses and to explore the educational opportunities available, you can visit the official website of El Colegio de México at


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