This Free Python Course Was Developed by the United States Security Agency, and Here’s How You Can Get It


While there are multiple programming languages in the world, Python stands out for its usage across various fields of computer science.

Not only is it accessible for beginners, but it also provides a powerful set of tools that can be applied in diverse areas of cybersecurity.

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Its readable syntax and active community have propelled its widespread adoption, making it a commonly recommended language for those looking to start programming related to computer security.

NSA’s Python Course

The NSA has made its official Python course, known as COMP 3321, available to the public. Through the FOIA, the agency has allowed access to this training material that was previously restricted.

This course, designed with the aim of equipping beginners with essential Python skills, has a clear focus and practical applications.

With approximately 400 pages of content, the COMP 3321 course offers a detailed introduction to Python, with an emphasis on its utility in cybersecurity.


The material includes a quick introduction to the language, with insights from Guido van Rossum himself, the creator of Python. Additionally, it explores the potential applications of Python in the field of computer security and provides information about its growing relevance.

The agency emphasizes that the course is designed to be completed in two weeks of intensive study, but it can also be approached more flexibly, adapting to students’ pace and schedules.

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While certain details have been withheld, the release of this material is a significant step forward in the effort to democratize knowledge in cybersecurity and programming.

If you’re looking to delve into the world of programming and want to learn Python from a unique perspective, this course offers a great opportunity.

Download the material and get ready to unlock the doors of cybersecurity with Python as your most reliable ally!


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