This is Google’s free course that prepares you for the jobs of the future


Google, the tech giant, has launched a new free course aimed at those interested in delving into the world of machine learning.

Despite the reputation that precedes Google certifications, this latest course has experienced lower participation from users compared to other training offered by the company.

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Nevertheless, Google’s offering promises to change this trend, providing a unique opportunity to acquire essential skills in one of the most promising tools of the future.

This course, accessible for free through the Google Activate platform, aims to provide participants with a solid understanding of the basics of machine learning.

According to the official description on the Google Activate website, machine learning is presented as a powerful tool with applications ranging from movie recommendations to scientific research for new medical treatments.


You can explore in-depth what this technology entails and how it can be applied in the real world to drive business growth.

Comprising a single module with a duration of one hour, it is specifically designed for beginners in the field of machine learning.

Simplicity does not imply a lack of quality; the course offers video tutorials, key tips easily applicable, and assessments after each explained topic.

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Google’s offering not only aims to provide theoretical knowledge but also to equip participants with practical skills. Moreover, being completely free removes economic barriers for those looking to expand their machine learning skills.

If you want to access the course, I invite you to register below:


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