This is how you can get certified in Data Science with IBM’s Free Course


Data science is an essential discipline for extracting knowledge and trends from vast volumes of information.

IBM invites you to dive into this exciting field through its online course. Discover how you can strengthen your data science and programming skills with this valuable resource.

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From medicine to agriculture, from transportation to marketing, data science is a powerful tool for effective solutions and growth.

IBM’s free and certified course serves as a gateway to the world of data science and programming, meticulously designed to provide you with the necessary skills to thrive in this thrilling sphere.


This course will guide you through four essential modules, each built to enhance your knowledge gradually:

  • Module 1: Python Fundamentals – Explore the initial concepts of Python, such as basic syntax, data types, and fundamental operations.
  • Module 2: Data Structures in Python – Delve into the structures that form the foundation of Python, including lists, tuples, sets, and dictionaries.
  • Module 3: Advanced Programming in Python – Learn about advanced programming, including loops, conditionals, functions, and classes.
  • Module 4: Working with Data in Python – Master data manipulation using Pandas, from reading and writing files to information processing.

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Upon completing this course and achieving a minimum score of 70 on the final exam, you will receive a coveted completion certificate from IBM.

This recognition can serve as a powerful testament to your skills and dedication in the field of data science.

This course is your springboard into a career full of discoveries and accomplishments in the era of data. Enroll today and prepare to unlock a promising future in data science!


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