This is how you can learn Russian from level A1 to C2 completely FREE


From the imposing literature of Pushkin to everyday conversations in the vast land of contemporary Russia, the Russian language possesses a broad and significant reach.

This language opens doors to professional, personal, and cultural opportunities, and the Pushkin Institute is here to guide you on your journey to mastering this captivating language.

Free Russian Course by the Pushkin Institute

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At the heart of this linguistic exploration journey lies the Russian Course Levels A1 to C2, offered free of charge by the prestigious Pushkin Institute.

As an online project backed by the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, this platform provides exceptional access to high-quality resources for learning Russian at all levels, from the fundamentals of A1 to complete mastery at C2.


The registration and participation process for this course is straightforward and accessible. Interested individuals do not need to possess previous technical knowledge; they simply require an internet connection and a computer to delve into the vast world of the Russian language through online content.

The course is structured into coherent levels, each aimed at strengthening specific aspects of linguistic competence:

  • Level A1: Immersion in reading, transcription, and everyday situations in Russian.
  • Level A2: Acquisition of skills to engage in basic conversations in Russian.
  • Level B1: Elevation of conversational ability to more advanced levels.
  • Level B2: Development of speaking fluency and comprehension of natives, essential for professional purposes.
  • Level C1: Ability to read Russian classics and create professional reports in Russian.
  • Level C2: Proficiency comparable to that of a native speaker, allowing for fluid expression and language teaching.

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Whether you’re looking to enhance your professional prospects, delve into the rich Russian culture, or simply seek a new challenge, this course will provide you with essential tools to advance in your Russian language mastery.

Don’t wait any longer, enroll in the course and embark on your exciting journey toward Russian language proficiency with the support of the prestigious Pushkin Institute.


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