This is JetBrains free course to learn programming in Python


Python is a programming language that combines its power with a surprisingly friendly learning curve.

Its versatility makes it an essential tool for application development, from websites and software to data analysis and task automation.

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What makes it even more appealing is its general-purpose nature, which means it is not limited to a single domain but can adapt to a variety of challenges.

According to TIOBE rankings, Python is the third most widely used programming language in the world, and that says a lot! Furthermore, the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021 reveals that Python is one of the most beloved and desirable languages among developers.

Free Python Course from JetBrains Academy

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to dive into the world of programming, the wait is over! JetBrains Academy has introduced its free Python programming course.

This introductory course to Python will guide you on a journey from the basics to mastering fundamental concepts.

From variables that store valuable information to data structures that allow you to efficiently organize and manipulate data, you will explore the foundations of programming with a clear and engaging focus.


As you progress, you will delve into the world of boolean operators and flow control, where you can make logical decisions and direct the behavior of your program.

You won’t stop there, as you will learn to implement loops, create reusable functions, and work with classes, a gateway to the exciting universe of object-oriented programming. Additionally, you will master the manipulation of text files, a crucial skill in interacting with real-world data.

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Moreover, you will not only learn about Python but also have the opportunity to become familiar with PyCharm, JetBrains’ integrated development environment.

How to Start This Course

To begin this course, you should download PyCharm from the PyCharm for Education page and enabling the educational functionality is the first step.

Once you have done this, you can download the “Introduction to Python” course on the JetBrains Academy platform.

Enroll in the Python course today!


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