This little-known but highly valuable free course can help you earn a lot of money


In the field of electronic device repair, various companies specialize in the restoration of devices ranging from audio and video systems to robotics and security devices.

Specialized technicians, trained to diagnose and solve problems in a wide range of devices, play a crucial role in ensuring their optimal functioning.

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Electronics is not only a technical discipline but also an excellent career choice due to its vast job opportunities in sectors ranging from construction to computer science.

Electronics Course

For all those interested in learning electronics, there is a free course that has remained in the shadows despite its relevance and demand in the job market.

This course, offered by the Carlos Slim Foundation through the platform, focuses on the training of electronics technicians, a profession in high demand today.


The course, divided into four levels, covers basic concepts to more specialized knowledge in the repair of electronic devices.

The highlight of this program is that it is accessible to anyone with access to a computer, phone, or tablet and an internet connection.

If you successfully complete the course, the Carlos Slim Foundation will grant you a certificate endorsing the studies and skills you have acquired.

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This free electronics technician course, offered by the Carlos Slim Foundation, is a unique opportunity for those seeking a quick and broad entry into a high-demand field.

If you want to learn to repair electronic equipment and start earning money, I invite you to register for the course:


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