UNAM launches online Spelling Course: Get Certified for Free


The essence of spelling lies in the art of writing correctly, a vital element in written communication that transcends borders and eras.

It is the key that ensures effective transmission of thoughts and ideas, making it an irreplaceable aspect in all fields.

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Good spelling is a display of culture, respect, and care for language, essential in any professional and personal context.

Therefore, UNAM, one of the most prominent academic institutions in Latin America, has decided to provide an accessible and valuable solution for those who wish to enhance their spelling skills.

UNAM Spelling Course for Beginners

This course, titled “Spelling for Beginners,” is an initiative of the Faculty of Higher Studies (FES) Acatlán at UNAM.

It has been carefully designed by Mtra. Alma Rosa Díaz de la Vega López and Dr. Verónica del Carmen Quijada Monroy.

The course is hosted on the Aprendo+ platform and offers a comprehensive 20-hour program, where participants can learn interactively and engagingly.


It is divided into four units that focus on key aspects for precise and effective writing. The first unit focuses on the correct use of letters, eliminating common confusions, such as the differences between “b” and “v,” or “c” and “s.” The second unit centers on proper word spelling, covering accentuation rules and avoiding common grammatical errors.

The third unit addresses sentence spelling, teaching the appropriate use of punctuation marks to achieve clear and coherent text.

Finally, the fourth unit emphasizes the relevance of spelling in social media, where grammatical and spelling errors are frequent due to the speed at which messages are written.

To enroll in this course, interested individuals must pre-register on the Aprendo+ platform. Once registered, they can find the course by searching for the word “spelling” in the catalog of available courses.

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The great advantage is that the course is entirely free and provides participants with the flexibility to learn at their own pace, allowing them to access materials and activities at any time and place.

A notable point of this course is that upon successful completion, participants will receive a certificate of completion that can be added to their resumes.

This achievement is especially valuable for those seeking to improve their writing skills in academic or professional settings.


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