UNAM offers over 100 free online courses


The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), considered one of the leading educational institutions in Latin America, continues to demonstrate its commitment to educational excellence.

This prestigious university has launched a wide range of completely free online courses with the aim of providing high-quality learning opportunities to students, professionals, and the general public.

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Its unwavering commitment to quality education is a testament to its dedication. The university has partnered with Coursera, a renowned educational platform, to provide access to a wide variety of courses covering various disciplines.

The offering of free courses is exceptionally diverse. Those interested in the business world will find courses that cover negotiation strategies, financial management, leadership, personal finance, and an introduction to strategy, among others.

These courses are essential for those looking to develop their business skills and gain a better understanding of fundamental business principles.

For those looking to strengthen their understanding of numerical sciences, UNAM offers courses in basic algebra, financial mathematics, and accounting for non-accountants.


UNAM has also integrated courses related to agri-food safety, agri-food innovation, sustainable construction, and climatology. These courses provide essential information for those seeking to contribute to a more sustainable future and gain a better understanding of environmental challenges.

In addition to academic courses, UNAM provides the opportunity to participate in courses related to personal growth, such as systems thinking, creativity, ethical conflict resolution, and reading and writing skills.

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Participants who wish to obtain a digital certification upon completing these courses can do so at an affordable cost.

It is important to note that registration and access to the courses from start to finish remain completely free.

If you are interested in expanding your educational horizons, you can view the complete list of courses using the following button:


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