UNICEF offers a free course to learn vehicle maintenance and repair


Maintenance and repair of vehicles are essential practices to ensure optimal performance of automobiles over time.

These tasks not only aim to prevent potential failures but also to extend the lifespan of vehicles, improve fuel efficiency, and maintain their resale value.

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Preventive maintenance, considered a key activity, emerges as an effective tool to anticipate potential problems and avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Additionally, corrective maintenance addresses immediate repairs after a failure, ensuring the proper functioning of the vehicle.

UNICEF has launched a free course focusing on the maintenance and repair of vehicles. In collaboration with Fleet Forum, this course comprehensively covers the fundamentals of vehicle maintenance and repair.


The course objectives include identifying the main causes of breakdowns, understanding the advantages of well-maintained vehicles, choosing the right repair workshops, comprehending the operational processes of preventive and corrective maintenance, and recognizing the responsibilities of drivers in vehicle inspections.

With a duration of approximately 25 minutes, the course is presented in an animated format that allows participants to progress at their own pace.

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Divided into three sections: Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, Vehicle Maintenance Management, and FleetWave, the course provides a comprehensive overview of essential practices to keep a fleet in optimal condition.

For more information about the course and to enroll, I invite you to use the following button:


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