University of Valencia opens its FREE Machine Learning and Data Science Course


Machine Learning (ML) is an essential component of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on creating systems capable of learning and improving their performance without requiring explicit programming.

On the other hand, Data Science combines statistical analysis, computing, and domain knowledge to extract valuable information from large sets of complex and heterogeneous data.

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Both areas are crucial for solving practical problems and generating value in various industries.

From facial recognition and fraud detection to product recommendation, automatic translation, medical diagnosis, and autonomous driving, Machine Learning and Data Science have driven remarkable technological advances.

Machine Learning and Data Science Course

The University of Valencia has launched a fully free online course that covers Machine Learning and Data Science.

Program has been carefully designed to enable students to acquire fundamental knowledge and practical skills in data analysis with a focus on Machine Learning.

The course lasts for 5 weeks, but the online format allows you to progress at your own pace, dedicating approximately 4 to 5 hours per week.


The course will be available from April 29th to October 23rd, 2023, and once the session concludes, the content will be archived so that you can access it at any time.

No matter where you are or what schedule you have, you will always be able to access the course.

Prior programming experience is not necessary to enroll in the course, although basic knowledge is recommended. If you are a beginner in the field, don’t worry, as the program has been designed to be accessible and provide a solid foundation of knowledge.

During the course, students will learn crucial techniques to evaluate algorithm and model performance, as well as preprocess data to obtain higher-quality results.

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A highlight of the course is the hands-on practice, as students will program their own scripts and algorithms in R, allowing them to put the studied techniques into action.

If you are passionate about Data Science and Machine Learning, or if you simply wish to explore these exciting disciplines, do not miss this unique opportunity to learn for free with the University of Valencia.

Enroll in the course right now and take a step forward on your path towards a future full of possibilities in Artificial Intelligence!


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