Want to Learn French? Here’s How in Just 19 Modules


French, revered as the language of love and culture, is not only a means of communication but also a passport to a world of artistic and creative expression.

With a shared Latin base, French finds lexical and structural affinities with Spanish, making it easier for Spanish speakers to assimilate.

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Beyond its phonetic beauty, French acts as a link with other Romance languages, turning its acquisition into not just a goal, but a springboard for ongoing linguistic learning.

Designed and presented by Infos24, this online educational offering breaks down the complexities of French into a series of structured modules, enabling participants to progress at their own pace and grasp key concepts clearly.

This free course is a valuable resource for language beginners as well as those looking to reinforce their existing knowledge.

From essential grammar to specific vocabulary and everyday expressions, each module provides an opportunity for students to acquaint themselves with the fundamental tools of communication in French.


The Basic French Course (Level A1) is divided into 19 enriching modules, each brimming with multimedia resources and practical examples.

From initial pronunciation to more advanced components like the subjunctive and conditional phrases, students will progressively explore the essential aspects of the language.

This course not only imparts knowledge but also offers a platform to practice and refine skills.

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With voice examples to fine-tune pronunciation and interactive exercises, students can develop confidence in both oral and written expression.

Enrollment in the Basic French Course (Level A1) is accessible to anyone with an internet connection and the desire to discover the wonders of French.

If you’re seeking to unlock the doors to an exciting and diverse language, this course will guide you on your learning journey.


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