Want to learn programming from Scratch? Harvard offers a free course


In the current era, learning to program has become an essential skill for navigating the technological environment that surrounds us.

This skill not only enables efficient problem-solving but also fosters creativity, enhances job prospects, and facilitates adaptation to a constantly evolving digital world. Furthermore, it opens doors to entrepreneurship and the creation of innovative solutions.

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If you are interested in learning to program, I bring you exceptional information.

Harvard University, a globally renowned academic institution, offers a completely free online course that will guide you through the process of acquiring programming skills from scratch.

The course is named “CS50’s Introduction to Programming with Python” and is provided through the edX platform, which has established itself as a leader in online education.

The most appealing aspect of this course is that you can tailor your study pace to your needs and time availability. Over a 10-week period, it is suggested to dedicate between 3 and 9 hours per week, but you can adjust it as per your convenience.


In this course, you will gain a solid understanding of Python programming, one of the most popular and versatile languages today. Upon completing the course, you will have acquired the ability to read, write, test, and debug Python code. Additionally, you will cover fundamental concepts such as functions, arguments, variables, data types, conditionals, boolean expressions, and loops.

Who can join this course?

Harvard University has designed this course with a diverse audience in mind. From those with no prior programming experience to those looking to solidify their knowledge of Python, this program is suitable for everyone.

If you have the desire to learn and the willingness to invest your time, this course is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

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You only need to create an account on the edX platform, which is free of charge. Additionally, you should have a device with internet access. It’s worth noting that no additional software is required, only a web browser.

How to enroll in the course

Enrolling in the course is a simple and quick process. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Register on the edX website.
  2. Search for the “CS50’s Introduction to Programming with Python” course and enroll.
  3. Select the “audit” option when prompted.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn a crucial skill in the digital age, backed by a prestigious academic institution.


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